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Growing Up Fett - Tales in the lives of Luke and Leia as they grow up in the care of the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett. Stories that focus on Konoha ninja who aren't Naruto will have a hitai-ate with the Konoha symbol, ones that focus on Kiri ninja with the Kiri symbol etc. Salvation - (Oneshot) Mizuki meets an interdimensional traveler who sets him down a different path when he decides to prove that he wasn't "Beyond Saving". Kushina's Boyfriend - Madara kidnaps Kushina when she's sixteen in order to release the Kyuubi early and gets more than he bargained for when he makes the mistake of complimenting her hair, as Kushina - who has broken up with her boyfriend Minato yet again - decides that it is love at first sight. When I was 11, I wanted to be left alone. For Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z: All stories are marked with the four-starred ball. Deciding to keep his promise to Naruto to not let him miss another Chunin Exam, Tetsuo decides to try his damnedest to get his team in shape in the two months he has left with Kakashi's assistance. Self Insert VII - (Oneshot) The Author regrets the special powers she wakes up with when she finds herself on Babylon 5. I like reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy and writing Fan Fiction as well as creating things with needles, thread, and yarn. First Try: River Country Con - (Oneshot) Satoshi gambles away Team 5's traveling funds during a C-Rank, and the team is forced to use unorthodox means to recoup their loss. Stories that focus on the Konoha Police Force will have their symbol on them (fan in shuriken). Things happen, and a pair of Skywalker twins who have been raised to be bounty hunters get caught up in the war between the Rebellion and the Empire. Hiashi and Hizashi are slightly less than amused. Saving Mizuki - The Path from being a traitor to becoming a good man is not a short or an easy one. I was going to be The Garbage Man. When I was 13, I wanted to kill a kid. Stories that focus on Naruto and the Uchiha will have a combined Uzumaki and Uchiha clan symbol thing.

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First Try: Team 7 - With Naruto's teammates having made Chunin and there being an odd number of graduates from the Academy that year, Kakashi uses the opportunity to steal an unwilling Naruto from his sensei and place him on his new Genin team. Transformation Technique - (Old Oneshot) Tobirama invents a technique that he's sure will allow him into the women's side of the baths, but doesn't have very much luck with it. The only exception to this is The Demon and the Dead man which has an illustration of Naruto and Izuna that was done in Microsoft Paint. If you're having a hard time finding one of my stories, try doing a story search. Due to the fact that I have a large number of stories posted, you'll find that when you try to sort my stories by Category or by Title, a huge chunk of them will disappear. I seem to be better at the short story format, and the short chapters in my longer stories tend to reflect that. TED Conferences, LLC. All rights reserved. Could be considered Canon if you accept the possibility that Mito might have been Hashirama's second wife. Since he has the Rookie of the Year, and that year's Top Kunoichi, it shouldn't be too difficult, right? As he and Sasuke are getting used to being family, they discover that the rest of the clan has been reborn as rats that infest the Uchiha Clan Compound. First Try: Autumn Leaves - (oneshot) A Tetsuo who's just starting out with his team and uncertain about the whole teaching thing decides to take a favored D-Rank and pass down a tradition his sensei had passed down to him. I wanted to be a marine biologist. Self Insert X - (Oneshot) The Author finds herself with superpowers in a world of superheroes. If I put my full real name down in a story somewhere, I'd probably get a bunch of reviews commenting on how crappy a name that was for a Mary Sue and that a five year-old could come up with a better one. It was practice, and yes, some of us fell. For Doctor Who: All stories are marked with a TARDIS. As soon as inspiration hits, I'm back on track and you get more of the stories you know and love. But the school halls were a battleground. The one telling it? Harry's half-cousin, Thomas James Black. Why else would we still be here?

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Sorry about the wait until then. Not Quite A Kage Killer - (Oneshot) Naruto uses a variant of the Sexy Jutsu to take down Tobi. Little Sister - (Oneshot) Boba tries and fails to get rid of his little sister so it could go back to being just him and his dad. Meanwhile, the Hokage Naruto from Time Mixup has been mentally replaced by the twelve year-old self that the time travelling Naruto had replaced. Chickenzilla - Orochimaru's giant fire breathing chicken escapes, adopts Naruto, and derails the Uchiha Massarce. He's joined by Neji, Sasuke, english creative writing singapore and a few others. I thought they were both pork chops. This is how I stand up for myself. Line A: is the young Hokage and most of the time traveling crew of Time Mixup, and Line B: is the world that Naruto has found himself shifted to. Daughter - (Oneshot) Jango adopts a custom made kid that some wealthy jerk shoved into his arms when he decides he doesn't want it. First Try Team 7: Divergence - Things go differently when Tsunade decides to go traitor rather than become Hokage. A Small Tale From the Grand Epic Called History- Alastor Moody finds himself listening to a story about a future where Harry Potter went mad and destroyed the world. First Try: Team Tetsuo - Diverges from First Try Chapter 11. Rewriting the Tale - Despite the fact that it has been tried a million times before and may very well be futile, Thomas tries to change the future.

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Fist Try: Shippuden. - Three years after Team 7 broke apart, Teams 7 and 5 are forced to deal with a variety of domestic problems such as Satoshi's gambling addiction and the kidnapping of Sasuke's son as the Akatsuki goes on the move. Rainbows - (Series of Oneshots) Sasuke steals a certain Jutsu scroll of the Nidaime's from Naruto whom the Sandaime had given it to thinking that he'd appreciate it and uses one of the Jutsu against his opponents, believing it to be powerful, and unaware of its actual effects.Ongoing. Self Insert VI - (Oneshot) The Author believes herself to be in hell when she finds herself at Shadyside High in the early '90s. The order decides to keep the child, and she decides to escape. Work on my stories will be very slow in coming during the semester if at all and will likely come in fits and starts during my Winter and Summer breaks. Time Mixup - Four travelers from four different timelines travel back in time and find themselves in the same timeline. Minuet II - (Drabble) Spelling mistakes can also lead to the creation of some rather unfortunate magical creatures.

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