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Anyone on the lookout for additional moneymaking opportunities will welcome the information, tips and tactics that this site offers. King isn’t just one of the most successful and prolific writers of our time. Who couldn’t use a little structure? Literary agent Chip MacGregor provides a wealth of information and publishing resources targeted specifically at the Christian niche to help you on your journey. This association will provide you with the connections, advice, representation, advocacy and education needed for self-publishing and writing in general. Any fiction writer who wants to submit queries needs to check out this website. Reminder: Your Quarter 3 Exam is tomorrow. All the writer ladies: welcome to heaven. Creativity is a shared venture, but the laws and rights surrounding it can be confusing and limiting. Let’s get a little technical, shall we? Founded by Darren Rose, Problogger has a lot of guest contributers who give an array of perspectives on writing great content, blog promotion and monetization. Writers in Charge features some unique advice on how to turn guest blogging into a full-blown career that lead at least one writer to a making an impressive living off the internet. Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter and game developer whose unapologetic NSFW blog encourages comments and feedback from fans, foes and aspiring writers. Historical authors and readers alike have a home with this association. Simply log in, answer questions and for each correct answer you send ten grains of rice to those who need it most – you might even learn something too! Then you can pocket those fat stacks you made for crafting one brilliant line for your client’s magazine ad and head to the Caribbean to spend the rest of the year writing your novel. For students who require dissertation editing services to authors, it will give you the rules and guidance you need to proofread your own writing. We love the creators of The Renegade Writer because they broke through by ignoring canned advice and doing specifically what worked for them. Aspiring authors can use this website to tap into high end legal advice on what choices to make about copyrights, contracts, and agent issues.

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Winning isn’t everything, doing homework is a waste of time essay but it can feel pretty darn good.  This website monitors more than 200 online free writing contests for poetry and prose and keeps authors updated on the ever-changing rules and regulations. We didn’t know that was even a “thing” until we read WIC. No, this website won’t help you get rich overnight, but the advice could legitimately help you start getting paid what you deserve. Being able to find out whether a particular business is a good option or one which writers should avoid is a major bonus, and Predators & Editors provides just that. Teaching & LearningDeveloping skills and ideas that change the practice of education. If you are looking for a literary agent, Agent Query may help you find one. An examination of the type and number of penalties applied to cases of plagiarism in higher education institutions. Her own “diary” page features fun posts paying tribute to the characters that made her a writing superstar. We’re also a fan of his Tribe Writers online course, because writing can be a very lonely endeavor. This writer’s marketplace website provides submission calls, freelancing posts, contests and writing jobs. Dedicated to promoting historical writing, this website will help kindle your excitement for the genre and push yourself to create the works that will get you recognized as a published author. And now, for something completely different: a website that focuses on benefits for freelancers from all walks of life. This Mass Market Paperback version is inexpensive. Craigslist is a great way to find writing jobs without relying on the platform business model. An analysis of the range and spread of sanctions against plagiarism among institutions. Grammarly is an online spell checker which claims to be 10x more effective than your word processor. Yes, you have to pay, but the intensive one week conference may be just the thing you need to get your work noticed.

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They say their goal is “equipping writers for success” and their toolbox floweth over. Author K.M. Weiland designed this site for writers who have great story ideas but no idea how to organize them. Look! This site offers a tidy little list of links for legitimate writing gigs paired with some very practical blog posts on self-marketing. Gain access to resources, stay up-to-date on events and conferences and do more by joining this nonfiction association. Brian Dean has you covered here. Now Novel members can join small writing groups and get writing feedback and obtain an optional personal writing coach for extra feedback, guidance and motivation. This book will need to be obtained by some method: pdf online, Kindle purchase, the local library, or used bookstore. Literary study will be infused with historical applications for a better understanding of the social and historical context of the readings. Joanna Penn is an award-winning author whose website, The Creative Penn, provides resources to creative professionals about writing, publishing and marketing their books (1000+ articles and over 100+ hours of audio, and counting). You’ll find tons of information, submissions info and coaching to help you get your writing published. Writer’s Digest is more than your average blog. How can you have all the info if you don't cite? His website features both his fictional and scholarly works and is a haven for those looking to delve further into the technological concepts he writes about in his novels. Bloggers who want to place a strong focus on content marketing (i.e. And there’s even a nifty contract creator for those of us used to pinning our hopes of getting paid on a wink and a friendly note from some random email address. A penalty tariff to offer guidance to institutions for assigning penalties in objective and transparent ways. All Indie Writers is a great resource for professional writers wanting to build a successful career. This writer’s marketplace allows freelancers to earn in two ways: they can submit work that clients can purchase or they can be hired to create custom content for clients.

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Cabot is the young adult fiction powerhouse who authorized “The Princess Diaries” as well as the “All-American Girl,” “Avalon High” and “Airhead” series. Writers will find plenty of opportunities for paid writing gigs on this site, but they will also have access to a wealth of information and advice to help them further their careers as freelancers and authors. Science fiction writers are a special breed and this association blog will help you have all the guidance, knowledge and expertise of best-selling authors at your fingertips. It’s no secret that writers read, but those books can take up tons of space. After all, writers have to write, not labor away on Google. The site states straight out that you may not get work directly from reading their site, but that they can help you to help yourself in the writing world at large. LousyWriter.com advocates plain English writing, or according to them, “knowing simple words, where to place them, and how to use them correctly”. Want a get inside the mind of literary agents? This course was created by Rebecca Epperly Wire. For any writer who’s gone practically broke on entry fees, my homework helper lesson 4 this website is well-worth the time. Students will have a few novels assigned for outside class reading.

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