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I also have no car. But while I can see a several downsides to living in Vancouver (the constant rain, the unfriendly people, and lack of pet-friendly places to rent are among my least favourite things about Vancouver) I still find it affordable. The real question is: why is nobody doing anything about it? Vancouver looks like a pretty cool city and is comparable to the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) so I may check it out in the next month or so. Thanks for writing this! I’m happy to know I am not alone in feeling this way! Not walled communities here in Seattle. I have first hand experience with property crime in Van. It wasn’t until I moved here that I realized that it was all superificial. Vancouver is going to fall very hard. THEN it hit – buckled to our knees trying to pay for one child in day care while my wife returned to work, then our baby girl arrived and it was impossible to explain the logic of my wife returning to work and then just hand that money over to a child care provider. I have a University of Victoria BA Social Science degree and it has done nothing for me in terms of better pay work or even work related to my education. I am not sure of the culture here before, creative writing quiz but as she mentioned and we all know it is just so so expensive and the prices seem to be driving some young locals out who could be a big part of this community. It pays ok here, elsewhere it would be enough for us to buy a house. Life is all about experimenting. They say somewhere between 50-80% of jobs in Vancouver are landed through networking. I also am looking for more music venues and such, but truthfully I have had three jobs to pay for my place and my car, and it is tiring and I don’t have much energy to get out or to just have fun and meet someone.. Also please don’t say Vancouver has no soul, because I remember it with a very nice soul and that soul comes from the nature which surrounds it. Vancouver, good luck – most people native to Vancouver MUST continue to live with family for any shot to make it. I really think that your lifestyle and where you are coming from makes all the difference in this post for the concerns that you have mentioned cuz really it all depends what your life involves. However, it’s not impossible, it just depends where you are looking. Stations falling apart?? Did you ever ride in the new trains down here?? My family are trying to survive in a one bedroom apartment. All the drug business that goes on in Van and the gang wars…….it’s insane. I often have to pick and choose what to do each weekend. If you have a large pile of money, you’ll do well here.

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I hope that you will give a big hug to Montreal for me and smile smugly at a few people knowing you are living in the most beautiful and amazing city in Canada. Coastal cities have the blessing and curse of being trasient, one of the blessing is all the different types of people with different interests and hobbies, from gronola eating mountain climbers to CEO yuppies. They destroyed the job market and the only ones who benefit from it are the agencies I guess. It’s just down the street from the SFU Vancouver campus. I am 38 and was born in Vancouver. Essays often appear in magazines, especially magazines with an intellectual bent, such as The Atlantic and Harpers. Now, not only am I leaving, but I never want to come back. I really miss that life but now everything has gone, so now I’m looking for a place that can provides me that kind of big city life. Your quality of life suffers sooo much and you end up spending money on eating out because you have no time to cook. It was easy to see that people struggled to find places to live, that the prices were high and the job market is a bit crammed. I have only lived in Vancouver Proper for the first few months because I wanted more space and to be near the nature. My MSP premiums are non existent or low, based on previous years income. If you want to escape from the snow, come to Vancouver… but be prepare for horrible 6 months of non-stop rain, for lack of services, business and stores, for a depressing picture every day if you work in downtown and have to go through East Hasting, lack of opportunities in your field of expertise, etc. The left coast anti industrial attitudes and their political allies are just stubbornly getting in the way of reaching Alberta and Saskatchewan levels of wealth and contentment. Along Denman, cambridge creative writing ma every 3rd or 4th store has closed business. Vancouver’s minimum living wage is 19.14$. I was born here. I moved to Toronto from age 12 to 21 and the whole time just wanted to come back to Vancouver. I met some federal, provincial, municipal politicians who are personally acquainted with me, at a Chinese consulate luncheon in Victoria. But as long as this continues, it will remain a town stuck in eternal adolescence. I’m not saying that Vancouver has nothing to do. There are places you can learn to dance, paint, draw, run, there’s Art museums, how does critical thinking help in communication concerts, good restaurants… and more… You don’t just have to go hang at the meat market downtown clubs to meet people as I can tell you that it is almost impossible no matter what city you are in to meet friends or boyfriend/girlfriends in those places and have any meaningful relationship. One thing you said “no soul” – 110% correct. It is grouped by the object (chunking) or by point (sequential).

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Why do you suppose BC is in its current sorry social economic state? Almost humiliating, isn’t it? I find it very easy to meet people. Look it up. The US Fed Reserve owns Canadas banks. The only thing on this blog and most comments, is that people compare Toronto and Montreal to Vancouver according to bars, nightlife, culture and music. My dad has fared better living in a co-op apartment building near the same SkyTrain Station. Spanking new. they just completed the airport line. There are good people in Vancouver who give this city some spark and light; but most times I felt no joie de vivre, no… happiness. There’s this thing we have back East about Vancouver: we think it’s a mystical land where there is no snow in the winter and summers aren’t crushingly hot. My rent is being raised, yet again, for no reason other than greed. I kind of get (without knowing the full story) of what Quebecers say about protecting the french language. Check out living somewhere that has a stop on one of the lines stopping at SFU Vancouver (Hastings and Richards). Life is what you make of it wherever you go and there are always the people who complain about everything, that’s part of life. I disagree with Kristina’s post. Thanks to everyone who commented in a civil and respectful manner. I reealy appreciate your artical.

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