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Other Dutch private universities are universities of applied science (HBOs) where one can obtain a bachelor's or master's degree but not a PhD. After several days, we could find our way around and Rome did not seem did not seem intimidating like I imagined before we arrived. In Rome, every time you turn around there a wow moment. The fabulous Coliseum was unforgettable, mental health creative writing activities as was the trip to the Vatican and the audience with the Pope. Honestly, every place we saw was a solid wow, but the most unexpected wows were the freebies and extras we got, like the week-long Metro pass, the tickets to the "audience" with the Pope, the gelato and stop at the Mediterranean, the Ostia Antica book mark, etc. I'm not really into art but again, the tour guides bring the passion of the artist, the cultural and historical perspective into the viewing which made it very interested for me. Mine was the Forum and Francesca's explication of how for hundreds of years through invasion, earthquake et al, people had come to the Forum, taken away marble and other building materials and squatted there with their animals. We got to see the ancient, the medieval, the renaissance, and life in modern day Rome. Of course Rome, itself WOW! WOW! We were very impressed with the organization of the tour and how quickly the members bonded. The tour was excellent. The hotel was very nice and the Colosseum was at the end of our street! I had not been to Rome before and was looking for a tour which was both comprehensive, yet educational - as well as fun. Wonderful time, great food and highly recommended. Francesca knew a great deal about the building and all of the pieces. Tour operators were amazing, and loved going outside of Rome, loved the free time to spend with fellow people in the group. So much history and so much to see in one city. They were not planned stops but the itinerary was altered because of weather. I've been staring at this statement for a long time, because I don't know where to begin. The tour was very well done. Our guide, Cecilia, was excellent.

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My wife and had never taken a tour below but have lived in Europe for several years and travel extensively but never Rome. High Ancient History class! Cecilia's wealth of knowledge, exuberant energy and engaging personality make her the perfect tour host. We were given history lessons and things to look for and to notice. We had a wonderful time. We saw all the sites on the tour without waiting in lines and with wonderful guides that brought everything we were seeing to life. The hotel was in a great location and the staff very supportive and helpful. We've never been on a tour before and weren't sure of what to expect. I cant imagine doing rome any other way. Classics at Harvard University, who has put together an award-winning site on Ancient Rome that includes a virtual tour, a dictionary of Mythology, a Picture Index, and much information on History, Life, Language, and Literature. I also enjoyed the group we were with. It was an awesome trip, exceeded my expectations. The sites we visited were interesting and well chosen. The tour was paced well and made fascinating by local guides Francesca and Alessandra. This was our first trip to Europe. So many of the paintings and sculptures I saw were pieces I had studied in my art history books. The "happy hour" discussion about contemporary life in Italy - from healthcare, to politics, to education . The four of us had this conversation and couldn't stop at one. My tour experience was outstanding! In the US, many universities and colleges are private,[quantify] mostly operating as educational and research nonprofit organizations,[citation needed] while there are also for-profit universities. It was our 2nd time touring Rome. Visited everything we wanted to see. I enjoyed the guides who were very knowledgeable.

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The Hotel Lancelot was amazing to say the least. Mostly, that is what happened. Between the Rome tour experiences and what we could do in our free time it was a great visit and one of the highlights of our overall vacation. Our tour guide Cecilia was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring. The Classics Page from an enthusiast with a degree in Classics from Cambridge University has over 1000 pages of news, information, games and controversy about the life, literature, art and archaeology of the ancient world of Greece & Rome. The over all experience was enlightening, the specialized extra guides that Sarah had lead particular tours were more than well versed, you experienced what the artist were conveying. I'd spent years dreaming about this place and what it has meant to civilization as we know it, and here I was, standing in the Heart of the World. There was a very good balance between group time and free time. The tour was all I could have asked for- great sights and experiences lead by an enthusiastic and very capable guide in the company of a very amiable mixed-age group. Don was outstanding. The food was great! The diverse experiences and knowledgeable Rick Steve's tour guides were entertaining and educational. Also, the schedule did not require us to be up and out early on several days. The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook contains hundreds of well-organized sources also includes links to visual and aural material, as art and archeology play a prominent role in the study of Ancient history. There were no particular "wow" moments of the tour, because there were so many moments that were truly amazing. The city at night...the fountains...the Bernini sculptures in the Borghese gallery. Well planned and coordinated. We visited areas and got insiights into Rome and its history that were eye opening. Viewing the whole city of Rome from atop the Victor Emmanuel Monument was a special and inspiring moment. The personal stories about the artists, the grounding in ancient morality and history were important for a well rounded understanding of what we saw and experienced. Both Nina and Franshca (sp?) made a point during our tours that stuck with me. Austrian law provides that private universities in Austria must use the term Privatuniversität (literally, "private university") in their German names, although their formal names in other languages are not regulated. The first day's tour was the most interesting, with its exploration of the earliest layers of Rome in San Clemente Church.

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Nina kept our days filled. We had individual tours of baroque churches and museums, ancient Roman ruins, and modern street art. Susanna and franchesca steal the show and made the whole experience seemless and memorable for all the things you don't have to worry about. It was excellent - there is so much to see and do but, I felt like we really had a the chance to see everything you really want and still had our own time and were given great options of other things to explore. We loved Rome, we loved Italy, we loved our tour leaders and our tour group. Since the 1990s a lot of private universities have opened in Vietnam. Wine was the main drink of the Roman Empire. This partnership ended in 2012 and was replaced with new partners including London South Bank University, University of Wolverhampton, Birmingham City University, Chichester University and De Montfort University. There are also many classroom resources, including lesson plans, video clips, and the aforementioned special features. It was delightful week, with a good balance of group activities and independent time. Overall, a very nice experience. Thank you so much for these facts, it helped me.

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