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Homework help 2-51 is it good to do your homework in the morning

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Did that effect their grades? Did you notice any difference in their schoolwork? When my older daughter was in that school in first grade, all the parents each wrote a letter to the teacher saying that we banned homework in our homes. When they were in grade 2 and 4, case study decision maker their mainstream support teacher asked how I felt about writing in “no homework” into their IEPs (individual learning plans) I could have kissed her! I taught middle and elementary school for thirty-two years. I do not feel absolutly no homework is a good idea because like my 2nd grader he has a spelling test every Friday so every Monday the list comes home and (12 words) every night he has to do something to practice these words like say the word, cover the word, write the word, or write the word out-lining in different colors etc. That sounds awesome, I really sympathize. The “homework” assigned to the young children was not a positive gift. Your daughter is lucky to have you because it’s clear you form a caring, thinking family. I think the entire education system needs to be reinvented. Family time is more precious than spending the rest of the day doing homework!! Do the research. Not one study has shown that homework does any good in grade school and to the contrary has shown ill effects. The real problem is that in this day an age every parent thinks their child is the only child in the classroom and the only parent the teacher has to deal with. The issue is more what each family feels is essential for their child’s growth and development. I think the idea of UNschooling is absolutely lovely, but does anyone know if it’s LEGAL to refuse to accept the teachers assignments?

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I will tell you as a full time working parent – I do NOT like home work even a little bit. Nothing. It’s the kids who are on their own academically who might suffer. I like doing the interactive scenario FIRST and then backing-it up with the information in EU 6.3. Getting a teenager to start a new habit is not fun. She understands the concepts taught in class but there is no time during class time to get the information in there so they are fluent (simple mental arithmetic), and this is impeding her ability to progress in that area. But if you take a positive approach to no homework with out the kids being involved and you talking with the school about it then why would the child have that mentality. I can’t afford to send my kids to private school. Sheli, Wait until you see how many children are FLUNKING kindergarten these days. As a teacher, here is what I do: read twenty minutes (choice of book) practice basic math facts with family (I send a few games home at the beginning of the year so families can play together), and finish any assignments from class that reasonably should have been done (aka kid was fooling around and the rest of the students completed except a few who were talking). My husband was away, my 2 year old son was getting into everything, and I was the one that ended up losing it. Singing. I also taught grade one to four social studies, English and art.

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Love it. @ Brad: No matter how much some kids practice, they may not master the standards within a week, a month or a year or two years….So with your definition, kids who have learning disabilities would just need to do tons more homework? If parents don’t stand up for their beliefs and their children than who will! Wow. It is obvious to see that everyone has a definite opinion on homework and schoolwork and how and where our kiddos learn. The homework issue is simple. Children who need extra work often have parents who don’t do it with them, so having homework for them is pointless. However, The interactive scenarios glitch out and you are unable to finish the course. If you didn’t like a type of food would you eat it to get used to it? My 5 year old is doing first and some second grade work with barely “15 minutes” of “schooling” a day. Finally, that being said, if you truly believe that your kids are fine without homework, then you are the parents and I respect that (and appreciate that you are putting more value on family time and individual desires), but you can’t expect teachers to get rid of homework all together. Sit down with paper and drilling information only works for a small portion of kids. I’m trying to get through college algebra and kept dropping the class because I could not comprehend any of it. That should be limited to “find something at home that starts with the letter A and bring it to school tomorrow”. Course is very clear and complete, everything is in there explained in detail so that user can comprehend every part of the schedule 1 procedures and be sure of which should be the best according to each need. Today when I go to homes of friends with children I see that most of the time the parents do not have the time or patience to help their child with homework.

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I am so glad to read a post from a Mom of kids like mine! I want them to spend 20 minutes a night reading to/listening to their child read. Looking back, I would have traded the years of freedom for homework in order to save myself the tears, discouragement, and despair I faced in middle school. That, my friend, is why responsible, engaged parents want less or no homework for their children. If you would really like to see your child succeed and exceed your’s and their expectation’s, try HOMESCHOOLING!! Elementary-aged kids don’t need homework. Thats good.! The course are good and necessary to the students and Technicians. I am so glad there are other parents out there that know children are suppose to learn to be kids and not mini adults. I cannot imagine adding in homework.

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It is entirely different with your own children. This teacher said that it is not needed at all to her students. I also agree with the person who commented about city kids, that was my situation. I couldn’t agree with you more!! I would love to review your new book on my blog! Pingback: Don’t Sign Your Kid’s Reading Log! Yes, individual teachers can make all the difference. I care about my kids’ learning.

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