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Maybe it is because of being an HSP that i end up over worrying as other colleagues seemed quite laid back, but if you care about your work and worry about confrontation with clients this will be very tough. Having worked in the field for 10 years and have seen how the field has changed I would not recommend it to someone that us highly sensitive. I am really torn if this is the right career for me. Language schools are also worth contacting regarding full-time work. I was so upset and felt her pain. The other 99%…I’m good at putting people at ease before I put their lives in my hands, tn creative writing standards and my intuition gives me an extra advantage as to knowing when things may go wrong. Fortunately, I am allowed a lot of autonomy so I can control my schedule and step out to decompress when I need to. I probably took it out because someone commented they were an acupuncturist and disliked it. It’s quite competitive these days too as organic is so trendy, though I only want to pursue truly natural products with few ingredients, and also connect it to welfare. Thanks for actually making it to this point of my story. Luck is also involved…..there is no easy answer. I have no children, have set aside dating and relationships (other than family and a few friends), and have no side job. I just want a job I can see myself waking up to everyday and where I can help people, somehow. Wow, how could you deal with people dying and then talking to their families? Michelle, thanks so much for the nice comment! I would love a job like that–research and putting together clues to make conclusions. Constant deadlines, the necessitiy to spill out perfect texts and channel performance every day and explanations/justifiation to inhouse departments add up inner stress. I think self employed is the best option for HSP. Nice students, all with the same passion for travel. The world needs to become a better place for all, including minorities. That said, I just left teaching, and I am feeling the same way. I like having people around me and human interaction but not constant, also like to be independent. This is really interesting! I always thought the perfect job (for me) would be to teach people how to refine their speech/pronunciation/enunciation, and their public speaking voice. I have a very scientific mind and love biology and chemistry.

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Last year I discovered I am a HSP introvert, when I was a kid I knew I was different, but the environment and being surrounded of extroverts made think it was something wrong in me and they convinced me to be like them. Loving aromas and appreciating millions of different kinds of food Lord has blessed and gifted us is a trait only sensitive people would master. I was disappointed to see acupuncturist on the list. I’ve tried looking for other pharmacy tech jobs and been denied every single time. Upon reading all the comments, what I’m gathering is that, not only is there a wide range of feedback, much of it is quite negative. And who gets to hold the ipad! It’s constant arguing! Blogger never provided any explanation before, during, or after the outage. It’s a casual work environment and I really like my boss. Job thing is a great challenge though. Does anyone here have some solid advice? Maybe some of you would like to check out my website and help me prevent having to go back to the call center, which btw came after I resigned from may years in the healthcare industry, which also left me so drained I could barely function. Money comes in at night and weekends and I gave up too much because of that. They are a holistic practitoner and usually a business owner which is perfect for HSP and I am working on getting my acupuncture license now and it is a great fit. In my current role I can come in later to limit interaction, schedule most meetings in a way I can handle, WAH when I need to turn off painful stimuli and I have a manager which I’m now realizing may understand me better than I do myself. In the professional world acceptance of HSP does not yet existing. I must say this thread of comments has made me feel quite hopeless that there are no jobs for HSP s out there…. I understand now that I am a HSP, and wanted to make sure I wasn’t overcommitting myself going into these areas. I know in someplace inside of me I am very good at something, there must be a job ideal for HSP introverts, like me. By that time I started career coaching and realised there was one thing I Always wanted to do: be a travel agent! Gardener: It is a relaxing lie of work although quite boring if you do it professionaly (cutting people’s hedges mostly), unless you are lucky and are in a community garden planting whatever you want. I also take things too personally and I just can’t imagine the idea of been overwhelmed by those coworkers and feeling that everything is my fault because I feel too much. The world of spirits fascinates me because of the wealth and diversity of tastes. I know I’m responding to this post a few years after the fact, but if you can, would you mind sharing some tips from your personal journey in recovery and making the transition to working for yourself? Very helpful, I am at the same stage, trying to look for new opportunities but a bit lost of direction. Have a look at this website: http://www.thejabberwocky.co.uk/ .

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Especially the 2 who suffer from ulcers!) I’m now trying to find a different career but have no idea which direction to turn…yet. I worked for a tech company’s call center because I had a connection and it paid well. Your story definitely gives me some advice. HSP i realised it was more the staff and people who affected my enjoyment. This sort if job seems to suit my nature and now that my wife and I are expecting our first child(that was a surprise) its even more important to look after oneself. An example of what happens to the good guys among the immigrants if they don’t toe the line. Five months there and on to the next. Work will initially average out at $10 per hour, netting you a potential salary of approximately $1,600 per month. I lasted about 5 years of full-time teaching in the classroom and have gone to part-time and now tutor, mostly one on one. I thought I would just answer your question about being a massage therapist and an HSP. The Spanish government recently revoked his status as a political refugee in Spain, and he is due to be deported to Pakistan, where he will face the death penalty for blasphemy. And whose turn it is to speak/write. I am wondering, because many of the amazing jobs listed may also contain some aspects that may be more challenging. I could not wait to be by myself…even just sitting in my car alone at lunchtime or finally getting in my car and driving home at 5:00 pm. It’s exhausting to feel that you’re never really “off”. I think to much what i want and there is no out come, what i know is i like carring , i like to make other happy, i like to respect other but i never respect myself , i never taught good about me, i am working as a food service in fast food resto…i hate this job specially mopping and sweeping…i am graduate in acc and finance 6yrs ago .i am 28th , i dont know now what carrier should i go with. But I wasn't joking, csun creative writing mfa it WAS TRUE! ADD and HSP seem to create almost polar opposing needs, the first aiding from a career either close to ones heart, or requiring strict constant time schedules of work. I work at a major spa at the moment and I’m finding it incredibly difficult to do a couples massage because of the distracting energy of a (I’m assuming)non-HSP therapist plus the two clients in the room with me.

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Copyright © TheThailandLife.com 2018. Confrontation with nasty customers occur on a daily basis. My formula for thriving in sales: know your products inside and out, REALLY LISTEN to customers, intuit what would make them happy, they leave satisfied. Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home! Lol. Yeah, teaching is NOT a less stressful job. If you find the right place you will be able to feel joy from success as well as have quiet time during the day to reflect and recollect. LOVED my job. I a highly sensitive introvert.

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